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Information and short history about Dubai

Dubai has its own tourist charm. Tourism there starts from the peaks in the sky, until you land on its lands, and we advise you to look at the tourist schedule in Dubai .

You will see the Palm Island from the plane window on your way to Dubai Airport, in addition to several islands under construction that make your eyes see a look you have not seen before. It is Dubai, which is considered one of the most amazing countries and the focus of the attention of all those who think about tourism, because of the wonders that were made in This city, so that Dubai itself is a tourist marvel that no other city can compare to in the world, and it came to Dubai to be a tourist advertising front for many “Hollywood” films.

History of the Emirate of Dubai

Dubai is one of a group of emirates that have been united to form the current Emirates. The number of these emirates is seven (Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Ras Al Khaimah - Sharjah - Fujairah - Ajman - Umm Al Quwain), and Dubai is the second in terms of the size of the seven emirates, bordered by To the east is the Emirate of Sharjah, and to the west is Abu Dhabi, which is the largest of the seven emirates, and perhaps the most important historical event that happened to Dubai is the event of the union of the seven emirates in 1971, where the UAE declared itself an independent state, with sovereignty, politics, and an independent economy. And it has a part and a land within the scope of the Arab world, and after this very important event in the history of the seven emirates, and over the past 50 years approximately, the Emirates has become one of the best countries in the world at all levels, the most important of which is tourism.

Burj Khalifa

With your eyes, you will see the grand “Burj Khalifa”, which is the focus of everyone’s attention in Dubai, because of the majesty of this tall tower, which is one of the tallest towers in the world, where all the important tourists in the world, businessmen, international representatives, or heads of state rush to it , or international conferences, this tower is a registered mark in the history of Dubai, however, Dubai is not only the Burj Khalifa, but it is considered a full-fledged tourist country and not just an emirate, because of its hotels, beaches, capabilities and safety that the visitor enjoys, it is not Just an ordinary tourist city, but Dubai is considered the capital of Asian and international tourism because of its amazing development and far from its closest competitors, and you can reach the tower from anywhere in Dubai, because it is the tallest building ever there.

Old and New Dubai

Because of the development that took place in the last fifty years of the Emirate of Dubai, this emirate has become full of antiquity and modernity together, as Dubai is divided into two main parts, the old section of architecture and the modern section, and perhaps Khor Bay is the limit and the separation between these two sections, and if you wanted to Get to know the ancient part of Dubai. Deira and Bur Dubai is the right place, where you will find the fish market, the famous and old gold market, and the famous spice market as well, and next to these places you will see historical buildings, such as the Bastakiya building and several other places that make you feel and As if you were in old Dubai, the other part of Dubai is the modern part, which is characterized by everything that is modern and attractive, especially in the area of ​​Jumeirah, Jebel Ali, Burj Khalifa, Palm Island, luxury hotels, and modern residential areas.

The level of luxury in Dubai

For those who want to stay in the old area or the modern area, and these are some of the most important hotels in Dubai , there is something that distinguishes all areas of Dubai, and it is the availability of public and private transportation on a continuous basis and very comfortable, so you can wait for the bus at the station Air-conditioned buses in the streets of Dubai, and entertainment centers in Dubai are scattered all over the emirate and are not concentrated in one place, wherever you go you will find malls, you will find shopping centers, you will find restaurants and cafes equipped at the highest level, you will find resorts and public parks, You will find golf courses, football fields and tennis courts, but the public roads in Dubai do not suffer from congestion due to the quality of the traffic system, and because in 2017, the UAE police won the award for the best police force in the world, which shows you the extent of Dubai's system and luxury to make All the residents there don't want to get out.

Gardens in Dubai

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Dubai and its streets are the gardens and gardens located in public facilities and roads, and among the most important of these gardens are Al Mamzar Park, Jumeirah Beach Park, and Al Safa Park. The fees for these gardens are not as big as you imagine, they do not exceed five dirhams, while you enjoy many From greenery, refreshing atmosphere, comfortable places, and children's games, you can also walk in the sky by cable car, which is located in the Creek Park, so that you can enjoy the views of Dubai from above as you walk in these suspended vehicles with glass windows, which are safe.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras Al Khor Reserve is one of the best natural places in Dubai, and if you are a bird lover, this place is very suitable for you. There you will find the flamingo, which is found in groups with its white and purple colors, and if you are a fan of water and greenery, you will find there your purpose and you can relax And you should know that entry to this reserve is free of charge, and the best dates to visit it during the year, from November to April, because the weather at this time is suitable, and the dates for entering there are daily from 9 am to 4 pm.